A Weapon Odyssey

  • 8 weeks, half time

  • Created using in house engine TGA2D

  • Written in C++

  • 10 people, (5 programmers, 3 artists, 2 level designers



  • Implemented spritesheet animation.

  • Created our rendering pipeline such as handling the camera, automatic loading of all dds files, parallax, particles, automatic spritebatching and a renderqueue with draw layers.

    I also added Y-sorting to allow the character to go behind things in the world such as houses and trees.

  • Created a minimap/teleport map that had its own renderqueue, making it easy to add or remove things that should be drawn on the minimap.

  • Wrote a shader making the trees in the overworld sway with the wind.

  • Implemented the lighting of the world such as fog of war, lights on explosions, enemies, players, bullets. I also did the culling of the lights coupled with the optimization of the light shader to allow for an increased amount of simultaneous lights.


  • Implemented an object pool to handle a large amount of similar objects.

  • Created a level factory used to easily create various objects in the world.

  • Created a particle editor using c# with a graphical interface that was used to create all of our particle effects.

  • Added a postmaster used to subscribe and send messages between various interfaces.


  • Added checkpoints, doors to connect rooms, warp pads to teleport the player and scene transitions.

  • Implemented NPCs in the overworld.

  • Breakable objects such as pots, including their physics and shadows.