Spite: The Dark Blight

  • Top down RPG Adventure game

  • 10 weeks, half time

  • Created using our own engine, Eggshell

  • Written in C++

The team​!

7 Programmers  -   Alexander Aschan   |   Axel Hornay  |  Christopher Rau  |  Frej Sjöström  | 
Mattias Ringström  |  Morris Gustafsson  |  Filip Carkic

4 Graphical Artists  -   Amanda Westerdahl  |  Catarina Batista  |  Stina Arvidsson  |  Tom Sandvik

3 Level Designers  -   Hanna Mårtensson  |  Peter Nilsson  |  Simon Carlsson

2 Technical Artists  -   Kim Wilhelmsson  |  Viktor Pramberg



  • Implemented skinned animations in our engine.

  • Added animation blending and interpolation between frames, allowing smooth animations.

  • Wrote a state machine used to handle all the states and animations of the player, enemies and the boss could be in.

  • Continued adding various features to the particle editor per requests from our technical artists such as having multiple emitters in a particle system.

  • Added LoD functionality to the world, fading walls and other props that would otherwise cover the player.


  • Implemented all player abilities except the Sky jump, I also implemented all upgrades of the abilities, including the dash and melee combo.

  • Implemented melee enemies and the ranged summoners coupled with their ranged attack.

  • Implemented the boss, all of its phases and attacks.

  • Made level transitions, keeping the state of the player between levels.

  • Added an XP and leveling system, allowing the player to gain and upgrade abilities.

  • Added a health and resource system.

  • Added a checkpoint system.

  • Implemented an input buffer and animation cancelling system to allow the player to string together abilities more smoothly.

  • Implemented a minimap and a tab map for easier navigation.


  • Added support to display billboards in our engine to be used for the dialogue boxes and enemy health bars.