The team​!

7 Programmers  -   Alexander Aschan   |   Axel Hornay  |  Christopher Rau  |  Frej Sjöström  | 
Mattias Ringström  |  Morris Gustafsson  |  Filip Carkic

4 Graphical Artists  -   Amanda Westerdahl  |  Catarina Batista  |  Stina Arvidsson  |  Tom Sandvik

3 Level Designers  -   Hanna Mårtensson  |  Peter Nilsson  |  Simon Carlsson

2 Technical Artists  -   Kim Wilhelmsson  |  Viktor Pramberg

Tom Cruiser's Bounty

  • On-Rails space shooter

  • 10 weeks, half time

  • Created using our own engine, Eggshell

  • Written in C++



  • Created an in engine particle editor using ImGUI with support for sprite based particles, ribbons/trails and mesh particles.

  • Implemented a postmaster to facilitate communication between systems.

  • Added a collision system and manager, handling our collision responses.

  • Implemented an object pool with one other programmer.

  • Added various components such as colliders, fade effects, particles, UI elements.

  • Implemented cut scene functionality with one other programmer.


  • Added spotlights to our engine, used for the players headlights.

  • Added support for texture rects for our sprites, allowing us to draw only parts of a sprite.

  • Implemented rendering of particles and support for particle emitters in our engine.


  • Created the cluster missile weapon.

  • Added level transitions and feedback on player damage and death.

  • Implemented the player barrel roll.

  • Added a player UI, displaying health, overheat and cooldowns of the barrel roll and cluster missiles.

  • Created the player aim assist system.